NARS Gina and Gilda – The Mad Men Blushes!

What comes to your mind someone mentions the show Mad Men? Complex characters? The sixties? Don Draper? (wink wink)

To me it is all about the fashion and of course GORGEOUS makeup! Flawless skin, red lips, peachy cheeks, defined eyes and arched eyebrows..I am in LOVE with the way the Mad Women look! My favorite has to be Joan Holloway. Breathtakingly beautiful and surprisingly smart, Joan gives a new meaning to the term “Femme Fatale”. She works a full figure to her advantage and looks exquisite while doing it.

So, I searched through my stash for products that remind me of Joan’s makeup. Today, I’m going to review the two blushes that fit the bill – NARS Gina and Gilda


Price USD 29 or INR 1735 approx

I love the way NARS blushes feel on my skin, they’re very finely milled and they blend in beautifully. In my opinion, the mark of a good blush is how easily it blends into the skin and how buildable it is. Good staying power is important too. I would say these are a dream to blend and if you want a prominent blush the they can easily be layered for an intense look. NARS could do better as far as staying power goes. Depending on the shade, they last for about 3-6 hours on me with the lighter colors fading faster.

They come packaged in a rubbery plastic compact that does not feel very heavy. I think it is not very luxurious and attracts dust and grime. Would love to see NARS revamp their packaging and make it a bit more glamorous.


NARS Gilda

Gilda is a matte coral with slight red undertone. It is not as pigmented as some of the other matte NARS blushes(Amour,Desire,Exhibit A) but has enough color for it to show up on the cheeks. I love pairing it with lipsticks or glosses in the same color family. It stays on my cheeks for 4-5 hours before fading a little bit. One thing to note is that if you have natural redness in your skin then it can accentuate it. Lovely blush for Indian skin tones.



Gina is a matte beautiful peachy orange that NARS describes it as a ‘true tangerine’. I don’t see any pink in it. Gina is not as pigmented as Gilda and is more suited to lighter skin tones. For me it is a much easier shade to wear than Gilda as I don’t need to be too careful about ending up with red cheeks. Goes very well with peachy nude lip products. Gina lasts on me for 3-4 hours only and that is my only problem with it.



The good

  • Both blushes are soft and do not look powdery or chalky
  • Pigmented and easy to blend, can also be layered for an intense look
  • Lasting power is good with Gilda faring a bit better than Gina
  • Both shades are very summer appropriate

The bad

  • Hard to get hold of in India. Have to order online
  • Gilda can look a bit red on the skin
  • Gina does not last too long on my skin

The ugly

  • Expensive and the price goes up every year

I would recommend these blushes to you, go for Gina if you have a lighter skin tone and Gila for dusky beauties. Until next time, see ya….

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